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El Flamenco es un arte universal, sin pasaporte, sin fronteras, sólo toma tu tiempo para entender y comprender la naturaleza de esta cultura milenaria .. Flamenco is a universal art, without a passport, without borders, just take your time to learn and understand the nature of this ancient culture ..
— Adrian Galia


Flamenco is a Spanish art form made up of three parts: guitar  ("guitarra"), song ("cante") and dance ("baile") originating from the gypsies who travelled from India to Andalusia, Southern Spain. It is influenced by many world cultures, including Gypsy, Indian, Moorish, Jewish, Celtic, Arabic, African, Latin American and traditional Spanish regional dance and music. It has also received modern influences from all styles of dance including contemporary, jazz and classical.

 Flamenco is a very emotive and rhythmical style of dance where dancers interpret the music (usually song and guitar) using body movements, posture and combine the use of fluid hand movements, forming a musical ensemble to complement rhythmical footwork and claps. Furthermore, through Spanish colonial times, exotic props such as castanets, silk embroidered shawls and large fans were also incorporated into flamenco. It is suitable for all ages and is a prime example of artistic expression which develops with the times and its understanding and interpretations change as it matures with age.

Today, Flamenco is an international dance form embraced all over the world and in 2010 was listed under UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. 


Photo: Live Pixel

Photo: Live Pixel


Founded in 2012 by Aya Kitaoji, Senes Flamenco is a live flamenco ensemble providing quality live music and dance performances based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

It aims to inspire cross-cultural understanding through the art of flamenco music and dance. Featured artists include Flamenco Dancer, Guitarist, Singer and Percussionist. Working in conjunction with various talented artists across diverse genres, SENES is dedicated to the development of multicultural performing arts and arts education in Australia.

Centro de Flamenco, Melbourne 

is committed to the promotion of flamenco dance and music in Melbourne, Australia. Based in the inner northern suburbs, it offers flamenco dance lessons, flamenco dance workshops and Spanish dance incursions in metropolitan and rural schools.

Flamenco music lessons also available as private lessons and small groups in:

  • flamenco guitar lessons

  • cajón lessons / flamenco percussion and palmas

  • cante classes/ singing workshops

This includes opportunities in dance accompaniment for guitar students and gives students a chance to get in touch with flamenco and Spanish music with the guidance of some of the country’s leading musicians.

For more details see “class”.



Aya Kitaoji (Dancer/Instructor, Artist Director)

Aya Kitaoji commenced flamenco dance in Seville, Spain at a young age. From the age of 5 she studied classical ballet, contemporary, folkloric dance as well as classical music and in 2012 her continuing passion for flamenco dance and music lead her to create her Melbourne-based ensemble, SENES Flamenco.

Since commencing her training in the heart of flamenco, Triana, Seville with Giorgia Guggliotta, in 2004 her passion for flamenco lead her to leave Australia to study intensively with Adrián Galia at Estudio Galiana in Tokyo, Japan. She regularly travels to Andalusia, Spain, having being inspired and trained by internationally renowned dancers of Jerez de la Frontera, Seville and in Madrid with maestros of the prestigious centre of flamenco dance "Centro de Baile Flamenco Amor de Dios". She has studied with and drawn her inspiration from dancers such as Paco Romero, Belén Fernandez, Maria Torres, La China, La Tati, Carmela Greco, Merche Esmeralda, Javier Latorre, Isabel Bayón, Juan Paredes, Concha Jareño, Manuel & Antonio Reyes, Domingo Ortega and Antonio Canales.

Over the past 10 years, Aya has featured as guest dancer in countless concerts and multicultural events throughout Australia and continues to perform regularly as part of major arts festivals in diverse states. Recent highlights include performances for Parliament of Victoria, Old Parliament House ACT, National Gallery Victoria, National Multicultural Festival, Spanish Language Fiesta, Spanish Film Festival, and Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. 

As a percussionist and vocalist, Aya regularly features as percussionist and vocalist in Solquemia and features in the band’s second album, "Limonera". She tours each year interstate performing across Australia as dancer and musician, giving flamenco dance workshops and demonstrations.

Aya is currently based in Melbourne, Australia where she regularly teaches at Centro de Flamenco Melbourne and Utassy Ballet School, whilst continuing performances for public events, festivals and independent projects. She also enjoys sharing the art of flamenco dance through her flamenco dance workshops and lessons at various studios across the country.

-  Please see "Dance Classes" for more information on weekly flamenco dance classes in Coburg, Melbourne, at Centro de Flamenco Melbourne.

Photo: Natalia Robledo, Spain

Photo: Natalia Robledo, Spain